Materials` Days Rostock 2006, Functional Materials by Nanostructuring, 30.November - 01. December 2006, supported by IPP/DAAD, supported by Funktionale Materialien Rostock e.V.
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Thursday, November 30th 2006

Location: Aula, Mainbuilding of the University of Rostock, Universitätsplatz 1


Session: Introduction

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Burkel
Institute of Physics,
Rostock University
Funktionale Materialien Rostock e.V.
Prof. Dr. Joachim Rychly
Dept. of Internal Medicine
Clinical Research, Rostock University
Prof. Burkel
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Burkel,   (Photo: Thomas Rahr)
Prof. Rychly
Prof. Dr. Joachim Rychly,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
9:30 Opening / Welcome Address
Prof. Dr. Ronald Redmer
Vice Rector of the Rostock University
Michael Sturm
Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH
Prof. Redmer
Prof. Dr. Ronald Redmer,   (Photo: Thomas Rahr)
Herr Sturm
Michael Sturm, Director of Rostock Business and
Technology Development GmbH ,   (Photo: Thomas Rahr)
9:45 Key Note Lecture I:
Better Ceramics through colloid chemistry

Prof. Ludwig Gauckler
Nonmetallic Inorganic Materials, Department Materials,
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Prof. Gauckler
Prof. Ludwig Gauckler,   (Photo: Thomas Rahr)
10:30 Key Note Lecture II:
Functionalisation and nanostructuring of biomaterial surfaces

Prof. Hartmut F. Hildebrand
Faculté de Médecine, Université de Lille, France
Prof. Hildebrand
Prof. Hartmut F. Hildebrand,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
11:15 Coffee Break Pause
   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
11:45 Innovations in artifical joint replacements
Dipl. Ing. M. Sc. Michaela Münnig
ESKA-Implants GmbH, Lübeck
M. Muennig
Dipl. Ing. M. Sc. Michaela Münnig,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
12:15 Nanostructured polymer surfaces with functional
properties - From biocompatibility to targeted

Dr. Reinhold Deppisch
Gambro Corporate Research, Hechingen
Dr. Deppisch
Dr. Reinhold Deppisch,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
13:00 Lunch at "Hopfenkeller"  

Session: Nanostructured Materials

Chairman: Prof.Eberhard Burkel
Institute of Physics, Rostock University
Funktionale Materialien Rostock e.V.
Prof. Burkel
Prof. Eberhard Burkel,   (Photo: Thomas Rahr)
14:15 Some recent developments in Aluminum Alloys
Prof. Olaf Keßler
Institut für Werkstofftechnik, Abt.Leichtbauwerkstoffe, Bremen
Prof. Kessler
Prof. Olaf Keßler,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
15:00 Field Assisted Sintering Technilogy (FAST) - Basics and Future Aspects
Heinz U. Kessel
FCT Systeme GmbH, Rauenstein
H. Kessel
Herr Heinz U. Kessel,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
15:30 Nano and multifunctional ceramics through non-equilibrium processing
Dr. Zhijian Shen
Arrhenius Laboratory, University Stockholm, Sweden
Dr. Shen
Dr. Zhijian Shen,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
16:15 Coffee Break  

Session: Fuel Cells

Chairman: Prof. Karl-Heinz.Hirschmann
Institute of Mechatronic,
Rostock University
Prof. Hirschmann
Prof. Karl-Heinz Hirschmann,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
16:45 Micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Prof. Ludwig Gauckler
Nonmetallic Inorganic Materials, Department Materials,
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Prof. Gauckler
Prof. Ludwig Gauckler,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
17:15 Material Challenges in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Dr. Christian Wunderlich
Staxera GmbH, Dresden
Dr. Wunderlich
Dr. Christian Wunderlich,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
17:45 Development of catalysts for the hydrogen production
Dr. Hendrik Junge, LIKAT, Rostock
Dr. Junge
Dr. Hendrik Junge,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
18:15 Buffet Buffet
more photos
19:00 Faszination Nano: Science-Art
by Christina and Manfred Kage:
(public lecture with pictures from the nano world)
Institut für wissenschaftliche Fotografie,
Schloss Weissenstein, Lauterstein
Prof. Kage
Prof. Manfred Kage,   (Photo: Sabine Radtke)
more photos
20:00 Agua Flamenca & Ruth Jemez
Flamencocentro Jemez, Rostock
Agua Flamenca
   (Photo: Sabine Radtke), more photos

Friday, December 1st 2006

Location: Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Rostock, Ernst-Barlach-Str. 1-3
(Photo: Stefanie Albrecht)

9:00 Welcome Address
Dr. Christine Grünewald
Rostock Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Dr. Christine Grünewald
Dr. Christine Grünwald, (Photo: Stefanie Albrecht)

Session: Nanoparticles

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Dieter G. Weiss
Inst. of Biological Science,
Rostock University
Prof. Weiss
Prof. Dr. Dieter G. Weiss, (Photo: Thomas Rahr)
9:10 Gas-phase synthesis and deposition of inorganic nanoparticles
Dr. Karsten Wegner,
Particle Technonogy Laboratory,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Switzerland
9:55 Correlating the Materials Nanostructures and their Macroscopic Properties by Using Anomalous Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
Dr. Günter Görigk,
Institut für Festkörperforschung, Forschungszentrum Jülich
10:25 Functionalised biodegradable nanoparticles
Dr. Cordula Grüttner
Micromod Partikeltechnologie GmbH, Rostock
10:55 Coffee Break  

Session: Catalysis

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Matthias Beller
Leibniz-Institute for Catalysis, LIKAT
11:25 Molecular Heterogeneous Catalysis: From Catalyst Immobilization to Surface Functionalisation
Prof. Michael R. Buchmeiser
Leibniz Institut Oberflächentechnik Leipzig
12:10 Watching working catalysts by operando spectroscopy:
Direct insight in structure-function relationships

PD Dr. Andrea Brückner
LIKAT, Außenstelle Berlin
12:40 Closing Remarks  

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