Research Teams

in alpabetical order of the names of the heads of the groups

Name First Name, Title Research Group / Intitution / Clinic
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Other Scientist of Tycho Net in this group
Bahl Prof. Dr. Hubert Inst. of Biological Sciences / Microbiology
Beikirch Prof. Dr. Helmut Inst. of Electronic Appliances and Circuits
Behrend Prof. Dr. Detlef Institute of Biomedical Technology (acting head)
Benecke Prof. Dr. med. Reiner Dept. Neurology
Broekel Prof. Dr. Klaus Dept of Engineering Design / Computer Aided Design
Burkel Prof. Dr. Eberhard Institute of Physics, Physics of New Materials Klein, Dr. Torsten,
Nicula, Dr. Radu
Damaschke Prof. Dr. Nils Inst. of General Electrical Engineering / Optoelectronics
Engel Prof. Dr. Konrad Inst. of Mathematics / Mathematical Optimization
Ewald Prof. Dr. Hartmut Inst. of General Electrical Engineering / Magnetic, Magnetic Inductive and Acoustic Sensors
Flechsig Dr. Gerd-Uwe Inst. of. Chemistry / Analytical, Technical, and Environ. Chemistry, DNA-Sensors
Gerber Prof. Dr. Thomas Inst. of Physics / Materials Research-Nanostructures Holzhüter, Dr. Gerd
Gimsa Prof Dr. Jan Inst. of Biological Science / Biophysics Baumann, Dr. Werner
Guthoff Prof. Rudolf Dept. of Ophthalmology
Hassel Prof. Dr. Egon Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology
Heintz Prof. Dr. Andreas Inst. of. Chemistry / Physical Chemistry
Helm Prof. Dr. Christiane A. Inst. of Physics / Soft Matter Physics (EMA-University Greifswald)
Heuer Prof. Dr. Andreas Inst. of Computer Science / Database- and Information-Systems
Jonas Prof. Dr. Ludwig Med. Faculty, Electron Microscopy Center
Keßler Prof. Dr. Olaf Material Engineering, Univ. Rostock
Köckerling Prof. Dr. Martin Inst. of. Chemistry / Inorganic Chemistry
Kuznetsov Dr. Sergei Inst. of Biological Science, Institute for Cellbiology and Biosystems Technology, Motor Enzymes Group
Langer Prof. Dr. Peter Inst. of. Chemistry / Organic Chemistry
Leder Prof. Dr. Alfred Dept. of Fluid Mechanics
Li Dr. Zhenpeng Dept. of Vectorology and Experimental Gene Therapy
Liese Prof. Dr. Friedrich Inst. of Mathematics / Mathematical Statistics with Main Focus on Stochastic Processes
Ludwig Prof. Dr. Ralf Inst. of. Chemistry / Physical Chemistry
Mittelmeier Prof. Dr. Wolfram Dept. of Orthopaedics Bader, PD. Dr. Rainer
Mitzner and
Prof. Dr. Steffen /
Prof. Dr. Jan
Dept. of Internal Medicine /Nephrology , Extrakorporale Detoxikation
Mix Dr. Eilhard Neurobiology, Neuroimmunology/ Dept. Neurology
Nebe PD Dr. Barbara Dept. of Internal Medicine /Center for Medical Research Cell Biology Peters, Dr. Kirsten, to move to Rostock
Nienaber Prof. Christoph Dept. of Internal Medicine / Cardiology
Nöldge-Schomburg Prof. Dr. Gabriele Dept. Intensive Care and Anesthesiology
Nowottnick Prof. Dr.Mathias Chair: Reliability and Security of Electronic Systems/ Inst. of Electronic Appliances and Circuits,
Ohl Dr. Andreas Leibniz Inst. of Low Temperature Plasma Physics, Greifswald
Pagel Prof. Dr. Lienhard Inst. of Electronic Appliances and Circuits Beck, Dr. Ulrich
Pahnke Prof. Dr. Dr. Jens Dept. of Neurology, Neurodegeneration Research Laboratory
Pau Prof. Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Dept. of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
Pieck Prof. Dr. med. habil. Jürgen University Clinic of Surgery / Neurosurgery  
Podbielski Prof. Dr. Andreas Dept. of Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene Kreikemeyer, Dr. Bernd
Redmer Prof. Dr. Ronald Inst. of Physics / Statistical Physics
Rolfs Prof. Dr.Arndt Dept. of Neurology, Neurobiological Lab Neurobiological Lab
Rychly Prof. Dr. Joachim Cell Biology, Center for Medical Research PD Dr. habil. J.G. Barbara Nebe
Salomon Prof. Dr. Ralf Soft Computing Methods and Artificial Intelligence
Scharr Prof. Dr. Gerhard Dept. of Engineering Design
Schick Prof. Dr. Christoph Inst. of Physics / Polymer Physics
Schiffmann Prof. Dr. Dietmar Inst. of Biological Sciences, Cell Biology and Biosystems Technology, Cellular Pathophysiology
Schmidt Prof. Dr. Reinhard Dept. of Internal Medicine / Nephrology Mitzner, Prof. Dr. Steffen,
Stange, Prof. Dr. Jan
Schmitz Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Inst. of Biomedical Technology Sternberg, Dr. Katrin
Löbler, Dr. Marian
Schmidt, Dr. Wolfram
Seitz Prof. Dr. Hermann Chair of Fluid Technology and Microfluidics
Steinhoff Prof. Dr. Gustav Dept. of Cardiac Surgery
Stolz Prof. Dr. Heinrich Inst. of Physics / Semiconductor Optics
Uhrmacher Prof. Dr. Adelinde Inst. of Computer Science / Modelling and Simulation
van Rienen Prof. Dr. Ursula Inst. of General Electrical Engineering / Theor. Electrical Engin.
Vollmar Prof. Dr. Brigitte Dept. of Surgery / Experimental Surgery
Weiss Prof. Dr. Dieter G. Inst. of Biological Science / Animal Physiology Gramowski, Dr. Alexandra
Kriehuber, Dr. Ralf
Wolkenhauer Prof. Dr. Olaf Inst. of Computer Sciences / Systems Biology & Bioinformatics